Steps on How to Create a Medical Biller Resume

Steps on How to Create a Medical Biller Resume

As a medical biller, the world of health care requires healthy engagement with patients and physicians. The market is broad and demands that you have skillsets on many levels, and as you begin your search for a medical billing position, it is important to demonstrate these in your resume. By being precise in creating resumes for specific medical billing positions, you can improve your chances of being noticed in the job pool.

One of the most important areas to focus on is job requirements and qualification matching. You want to show prospective employers how your skills transfer over into what they need.

To begin writing your medical biller resume, you should know about the standard formats in which these documents are created and how which style can help you reach out to employers.

Because a medical resume is different from most other kinds of professional resumes, you must explore the complex and often demanding skills required to get noticed by the physician and the hospital’s human resources department or affiliated health care network.

What to include in your resume:

Writing a great Medical Billing Specialist resume is an important step in your job search journey.

Contact information

This basic information should be as up-to-date as possible, with your full name, current phone numbers, email, and any other important identifiers.


After you complete your Medical Billing program at any Medical School and pass your exam, you will receive a certificate you can note in your resume. Any memberships should also be put on your resume, preferably up toward the top, where employers will notice it.


Most resumes feature some objective, and for the medical field, it should demonstrate what you want to accomplish in an extremely varied work environment. An example of this is a surgical group that looks for objectives that relate to inpatient and outpatient procedures and effective patient communication. At the same time, other medical professionals will want to see goals related to public outreach within a health care environment.

Tailor Resume to Specific Job Role

No two employers are the same, with many falling into distinct categories that can only be addressed with a custom resume. Make sure that you outline relevant skills that will help you appear more qualified than other candidates.

For example, if you work in health care environments and handle complex billing and insurance documents, make sure you mention specific billing and coding skills within your resume. Additionally, you should show proof of any customer service skills; if you can demonstrate your ability to reach out to patients, this can raise your appeal with potential employers.