5 Tips for Choosing an Excellent Dog Daycare

Tips for Choosing an Excellent Dog Daycare

If you’ve decided to find a doggie daycare for your pup, you can soon go to work or attend other events without feeling guilty about leaving behind your loyal four-legged companion. But first, make sure to choose a reliable doggie daycare in Los Angeles, California, to keep your dog.

Here are 5 things you need to do to choose the right daycare.

1- Survey the facility

First, you have to observe the environment that will be your dog’s new hangout zone. As you take the tour of the daycare facility, see if it is clean and thoroughly sanitized. It would help if you also inspected the safety precautions the owner has taken up to make sure your dog stays safe there.

The daycare should be well-ventilated with sufficient fresh air getting in for the dogs staying there. The environment of a good dog daycare or facility will be safe and protected. It should have proper fencing that is sturdy and high enough to prevent the furry ones from escaping. A double gating can help a dog get accustomed to the play area before joining other dogs inside. A safe floor made out of rubber or any other material that provides better grip is preferred.

2- Ensure that dogs are grouped accurately

A secure doggie daycare Tigard or will divide the dogs up into different playrooms based on various factors. While some facilities may have all the dogs playing in one room, larger ones will separate the dogs based on breed, temperament, or play habits to keep them cheerful.

3- Pick a daycare that organizes activities.

Dog owners like you should ask the manager of a trusted dog daycare about the activities your four-legged companion will do throughout the day. Check if they offer training inside the playrooms to improve the behavior of your furry friend.

4- Ask about the daycare’s treat provisions.

Good dog daycares at times provide treats to reward good behavior. Ask the daycare manager about their supply of treats, and be sure to inform them about your dog’s eating habits.

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5- Look for a daycare that offers an additional boarding facility.

You may need to keep your pet for the night later, so select a well-known dog boarding that offers boarding arrangements. It’s always going to be easier for your dog to adjust to an environment if he’s already been playing and spending time there.

Also, it won’t be much stressful for your playful dog to spend the night if he has already been there before. Thus, following these guidelines, you must look for a doggie daycare with a safe, joyous, and friendly environment to ensure your canine buddy is happy and protected there.