6 Must Visit Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

If you are a heritage lover and like to immerse in ancient monuments and heritages, then coming Southeast Asian temples, historical monuments, and heritage ruins can fulfill your craving. Known world over for its pristine beaches and quaint countryside, this part of the world is also the home to many world-famous heritage sites.

With a plethora of ruins of ancient cities and an array of Buddhist and Hindu temples that dates back to a classical era beyond thousand years, these places offer all that one can think of a time journey down the memory lane. While Angkor Wat leads the ensemble of southeast Asian heritage, there are plenty of others that deserve equal attention. Here is our pick of 6 must-visit heritage sites in South East Asia.

1- Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This is by far the most publicized heritage site from the entire region, and in Asia, it comes only behind the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China. This human-made wonder Angkor Wat is also regarded as the Disneyland of Asian temples with a whole ancient city full of temples that shows thousands of years old relics, statues, and relief works. It draws millions of tourists every year from all over the world after remaining shrouded under mystery until the last half of the nineteenth century.

2- Borobudur, Indonesia

Borobudur, Indonesia
Borobudur, Indonesia

Many heritage sites around South East Asia offer a lost and mysterious feeling. Borobudur in Indonesia is one such site. Being surrounded by central Java jungles, Borobudur equally provides a majestic view with the mysterious veil of remoteness and ancient aura. This Buddhist temple has six square and three circular levels. The stunning symmetry of the unique structure offers a resemblance to a Buddhist Mandala or so-called Buddhist representation of the universe.

3- Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkok, Thailand

These are two ancient palaces that are common in almost every travel itinerary for the tourists reaching Bangkok and deserve this attention. The grand palace offers a perfect confluence of Victorian architectural style and quintessential Thai tradition. Wat Phra Kaeo, located within the same site, is the royal temple housing the most revered Emerald Buddha of Thailand. The sites located within the city of Bangkok itself are synonymous with visiting an entire historical town.

4- Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Thailand

When Europeans arrived in Thailand, they discovered this heritage site as the thriving capital of Siam province in Thailand. Being the capital of the monarchy that ruled a million inhabitants, it now displays the remains of royal palaces, heritage temples, and sprawling vistas full of remnants of year’s grandeur.

5- Prambanan

The stunning height with the pointed spires of this grand Hindu temple is recognized from afar. Prambanan offers the most impressive architectural heritage as a Hindu temple complex in entire Southeast Asia. Older than Angkor Wat, this stupendous and elaborate heritage site will provide great bas relief works in the temple walls.

6- Besakih Temple, Bali

This grand temple was built in memory of famous icon Gunung Agung, the volcano god who is believed to be the creator of this tiny island. The temple is a firsthand testimony of the people’s tradition and belief in myths concerning the island’s fiery volcano. Are you Looking much like the Chinese pagodas, the place offers a serene beauty from slightly afar, and upon approaching the temple, the buzz of worshipping offers exotic charm so characteristic in the religious sites of Asia. Here are some things to consider before you head out on your next adventure.