Foods That Make Your Teeth Shiny

Do you want to have pretty shiny teeth that will sparkle when you smile? Have you tried every other teeth whitening product but still have ugly teeth? Good thing that Mother Nature has gifted us with some natural means to protect our teeth and retain their natural pearly whiteness. These natural foods can treat your teeth better than those artificial things that do more than significant damage. The incredible thing about these foods is that these are your daily foods, and you eat them almost regularly.

The dentists have recommended some of them for you. These foods are:


Remember, not all fruits are healthy for your teeth. Pomegranates, berries, grapes, and cranberries can stain your teeth horribly. But the good old apple can whiten them and strengthen them at the same time. Guava and pears also have the ability to keep your teeth white.


Our good old vegetables to have some teeth whitening qualities. Vegetables like cucumbers and cauliflowers can increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva can naturally flush any stain out, so try eating more of them.


Cheese can also act as a natural guard to your teeth. The cheese is naturally gifted with calcium, protein, and phosphorus, which will fight against the acids in your mouth.


Fish like salmon has a lot of vitamin D and calcium, which is amazingly good for your teeth. They also contain nutrients that will strengthen your teeth as well.

Sesame Seeds:

Apparently, they are not just tasty and crunchy but healthy too. They have the natural ability to scourge away plaque from your teeth, so you should eat them often.


Even though they make you have stinky breath, but they can reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and stop your teeth from decaying.

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