7 Hidden Destinations to Discover in Your Europe Tour

Many European villages can offer the ideal tranquility and visual delights you always searched for. Buy why communities alone, many of the small European towns with their magnificent cityscape, small water bodies, lush gardens, winding roads offer the same type of specter for our eyes. Here we have picked 7 hidden and uncommon destinations for you to discover in your next Europe tour.

1- Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor makes you remember beauties shrouded in obscurity and mystery. With the thick engulfing mist in the surrounding hills around the bay, Kotor can give you an idea of a meek landscape. But many wealthy Europeans buy properties here and make their permanent residence here. It is understandable why this sparkling timid countryside of Kotor with its foggy hills and blue water bay is so popular.

2- Viscri, Romania

Viscri, Romania
Viscri, Romania

This small Romanian village offers an ideal east European specter with a historical church and relaxed life of the countryside without many upheavals. This little village has a UNESCO World Heritage because of the 12th century Church called Viscri. From the pastel-colored brick houses to the unpaved roads cutting through sprawling farmlands to the large fortified churches, you have an authentic Saxon way of life on full display.

3- Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria

This sparkling lakeside town in Austria is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For some years, this town is being dubbed as the most beautiful lakeside village in the whole world. Visiting either in summer or chilling snow-covered winter, you have the most eye soothing specter of a small lakeside town in all times of the year. The wave of Alpine hills along the crystal blue water lake offers a ravishing view.

4- Staufen, Germany

Staufen, Germany
Staufen, Germany

This little village just at the foot of Black Forest, in southern Germany, transports you to a land of tranquility and peace. It can as well be the ideal destination for a wine vacation. Traveling through hills covered with terraced vineyards from Strasburg when you reach this tiny village, the pastel-colored houses with the green specter at the backdrop offer you a scintillating phantom. The small town, along with its marketplace, gothic architecture of the Town Hall, outdoor wine bars, and wide-open green specter surrounding this little hamlet, is sure to engulf the senses with repose and peace.

5- Folégandros, Greece

Folégandros, Greece

This tranquil beauty in the Cyclades is unique in its way. Unlike the neighboring Santorini, it has no multi-storied buildings, no cruise ships in the port, and no fancy restaurants or touristy shops. This sparkling little Greek town beside the Aegean Sea instead offers a cool scenic specter with waves crashing on pebbled beaches, wooden windmills taking their tolls, and small houses are moaning in their sleep, it is a perfect picture that evokes poetry at first sight.

6- Pucisca, Croatia

Pucisca, Croatia

With its grand heritage cities, ambitious towns and ports, and natural marvels, Croatia is increasingly becoming a preferred European destination for international tourists. But shunned by the big cities and tourist hotspots, the little known Croatian villages and small towns often remain unattended despite their picture-perfect beauty and natural setting. Pucisca is such a little gem with its sparkling blue bay water, a wave of green hills, and dots of orange-roofed houses.

7- Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

This small Greenland town, which makes one struggling to pronounce correctly, offers an equal challenge for the traveler to reach. After taking a weekly flight from Iceland and then taking a helicopter ride, you can achieve this town surrounded by arctic glaciers. But, all the troubles worth the specter you experience upon entering here.